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Monday 4pm - 11pm  |  Tuesday 12pm - 11pm  |  Wednesday 12pm - 11pm  |  Thursday 12pm - 11pm  |  Friday 12pm - 11pm  |  Saturday 4pm - 11pm

The Shakespeare

2 Goswell Road, Barbican

A historical gastropub in the heart of the City



Welcome to The Shakespeare. A family-run, local favourite. Built in 1964, the name is inspired by the Bard himself, who lived some hundred metres away throughout his time in London.

We’re proud to say that we’re no longer tied by a greedy brewery or high street chain, which means we have the freedom to choose which beers we stock and at what price we flog them...


So a pint from our favourite brewery will now only cost you £5.50 at Happy Hour. Long live the local!


We’ve chosen Renegade Brewery as our main provider. Pints for renegades, misfits and adventurers at heart. A brewery revolving around locally sourced, quality ingredients, with earth-friendly ambitions, dedicated to providing incredible tasting lagers and ales, with bold flavours, and a story behind each pint.


Renegade strives also for inclusivity, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Our selection is proudly vegan, with gluten free and low ABV (0.5%) options available.

Of course, you'll find your favourite classics behind the bar too, so we'll always pour you a great Guinness!



Whether it be a corporate function, your work do or a family gathering, our staff will do their best to make sure your event is a memorable one.


Looking to bring the party up a notch? We can arrange for live music or a DJ upon request.


We also hire out our venue as a shooting location, or as a base for shoots in the area.  If you'd like to know more about this, please feel free to get in touch.

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