Shakes Ink

We wanted to offer our customers a bespoke gin that captures the nature of The Shakespeare, known to our regulars as ‘The Shakes’.

The Story

Our gin is handcrafted in small, 20 litre batches by The Master Distiller, Chris Smart, using carefully selected botanicals, including elderflower, Persian pink rose buds, liquorice, hemp and gentian root. The gin is distilled locally, in the nearby Surrey Copper Distillery. Oscar and the Shakes Ink team hope to launch the gin officially in the coming months.


The Journey

Chris and Oscar worked together for over a year in an attempt to find the perfect combination of botanicals. They finally created the perfect recipe inside of a 1 litre copper still, and then went on to recreate this in a 20 litre copper Portuguese still, where it is produced now. With the help of branding agency NUDE brand design,