Exciting new menu coming soon

La Pia was founded in 1887 in La Spezia. In a few years the shop became a landmark for those looking for a snack or a quick tasty meal. Originally the menu was limited to Farinata (a local dish made of chickpea flour) but after a few years it became popular for its delicious pizza and other genuine products such as focaccia al formaggio, focaccia portfino and focaccia alla nutella.

Tradition and quality has remained unchanged and its products are broadly known in Italy. In 2018 La Pia will join forces with us here in The Barbican

The menu will be well diversified and in addition to pizza it will include gluten free products, a good selection of antipasti, salads and desserts.

The date has not yet been finalised but it will happen in the coming weeks....stay tuned :-)